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Vicki Fong completed her BA at Brighton University, before graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006 with an MA in Printed Textiles. Her method mixes traditional skills of illustration which are often combined with modern effects afforded by computers. Vicki has used these techniques to apply her art onto different surfaces: from everyday fashion and interiors to gallery installation pieces.

She now lives and works as a lecturer and visual artist in London. She currently lectures at the Royal College of Art, as a Tutor in Textiles, and she is also a visiting lecturer at University of Brighton and University of East London.

Vicki's current research explores how cultural identity can shape aesthetic sensibilities in virtual and physical environments. Her work provides a platform for her to explore her own heritage whilst inviting audiences to engage with aspects of Chinese culture. She is currently researching and exploring Chinese death rituals to produce outcomes that open the discussion of death, loss, love and consumption.

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